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All cables leaked

(2011-08-31) Various sources have now leaked that
ACollectionOfHistorySince_1966_ToThe_PresentDay#. “That’s the password,” he said. “But you have to add one extra word when you type it in. You have to put in the word ‘Diplomatic’ before the word ‘History’
and that the file containing all cables is xyz/z.gpg. Downloading the corresponding torrent yields an encrypted 368881482-byte file. The above password decodes it to a file in 7z format. From this one extracts cables.csv, 1730507223 bytes, with all 251287 cables. The time stamp is 2010-04-13 01:22:28 GMT. Keeping track of which news sources have published what parts is no longer necessary. It is still interesting to see what redactions were made by these news sources. Also, to see that even these "original" cables are somewhat redacted.

Leak   Release   Status


The Wikileaks cable leak is of enormous importance for our understanding of how the world functions today. These pages however do not talk about politics, but only about the raw data.

On 2010-11-28 five newspapers and the Wikileaks organisation started publishing from a collection of about a quarter of a million diplomatic cables sent from the various U.S. embassies to the U.S. State Department or vice versa.

Initially the five newspapers together published say a hundred cables a day, but a month later that had become a dozen a day or even less. Wikileaks mostly only publishes what was first published elsewhere, so also the Wikileaks stream of publications is a trickle now (2011-01-11).

On the other hand, several other newspapers have obtained copies, and each publishes some material that is interesting in the local context. So far Wikileaks has not republished this, so that there no longer is a single point with all information. Here some pointers or copies.

Wikileaks The Guardian The Telegraph Al-Akhbar El País 20minutos El Comercio Perú El Comercio (Ecuador) NY Times NOS Aftenposten RusRep Counterpunch Politiken Der Spiegel The Age Wellington

The Wikileaks torrent

Today the official wikileaks website and torrent contain 143912 cables. Thirty-six more cables have been published earlier but are not in the present release. Release history. Altogether I have seen 144605 cables today, 657 only published elsewhere. This page provides pointers.

Places to look for cables can be found at whereiswikileaks and leakylinks. Interfaces for searching the official cables are cablesearch and cablegatesearch and dazzlepod and KABELS. For historical information and comparisons, see privetbank and cablegatesearch. Here we give pointers to more than a thousand further cables.

Time stamps

A Wikileaks programming error caused the minutes field of all time stamps to be equal to the hour field in a 12-hour system (so that one sees cables sent 23:11 and released 17:05). This happens in the Wikileaks releases, not in the releases by the Wikileaks partners, the correct data is available.

The Guardian has made a table available (in Google fusion tables and as ZIP file) with one record for each cable. It gives lines like

2/28/10,Embassy Tokyo,"1-10-5 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8420 Japan","ENRG, EPET, ETTC, IR, PREL, JA"
2010-02-28T23:25:00Z,Embassy Tokyo,"ENRG, EPET, ETTC, IR, PREL, JA"
with date, origin and tags (but no contents). Sometimes this suffices to determine the date a cable was sent.

Hidden cable

This Guardian data base has 251286 data lines (and a header line). But Wikileaks announced 251287 cables. Separately published statistics about origins / dates show a cable from Beijing / 2010 missing from this data base. A file with headers found elsewhere shows that the missing line is
1/26/10,Embassy Beijing,Jon Huntsman
No. 55 An Jia Lou Lu 100600,"ECON, PGOV, PHUM, PREL, EINV, CH"
and that it has number 245489.

Now it is clear that the cable that was hidden in this way is 10BEIJING207, the one about Google hacking directed by the Chinese government. Compare NYTimes and El País and The Guardian and Wikileaks.


In order to protect the privacy or personal safety or job security of people mentioned in the cables, names have often been redacted in the published versions. But there are also cases where general political discussions have been removed. (An example: 09ALGIERS1077.) Some cables were published in several versions, some more, some less redacted. We give a list of changed cables and release dates, a discussion of the changes, and a comparison between less and more redacted versions.

Original redaction

The cables.csv file that contains all cables already seems to have redactions, or at least strings XXX. However, these occurrences seem all harmless.


Some cables are somewhat corrupted by single-bit errors or dropped characters. Both 09CONAKRY766 and 09BRUSSELS196 have garbage in their headers, in fact almost identical garbage. Also 06TRIPOLI358, 06TRIPOLI561, 07TRIPOLI169, 07TRIPOLI426, 07TRIPOLI487 and 07TRIPOLI834 start with mutually similar garbage (...__nameid_version1.0...).


Various newspapers have published several hundred additional cables.

The Guardian

The index of cables published by The Guardian shows 40 cables not found elsewhere

(namely 79TEHRAN11319, 85LONDON24287, 90PRETORIA7087, 99ISLAMABAD495, 01VATICAN4258, 01VATICAN6619, 03NASSAU1635, 05KATHMANDU2811, 06TELAVIV3910, 06TELAVIV4256, 07MOSCOW3625, 07RIYADH1950, 08DUBLIN228, 09BAGHDAD553, 09BANGKOK3066, 09DOHA414, 09DOHA432, 09DOHA677, 09ISLAMABAD364, 09KABUL131, 09KABUL321, 09KABUL1592, 09KABUL2597, 09KABUL2681, 09KINGSTON666, 09KINGSTON761, 09MADRID870, 09MBABANE107, 09MOSCOW980, 09NASSAU527, 09NASSAU560, 09RANGOON502, 09RIGA594, 09UNVIEVIENNA331, 09UNVIEVIENNA457, 09UNVIEVIENNA478, 09VANCOUVER31, 10ISLAMABAD301, 10RPODUBAI23, 10STATE6439).

There are many minor differences with Wikileaks releases of the same cables. For example, the Wikileaks version of 10ATHENS57 lacks a SUBJECT line, while the The Guardian version has one.

The Telegraph

Between 2011-01-31 and 2011-02-04, The Telegraph published 1251 cables, of which 443 have not yet been published by Wikileaks today. Among these are 654 cables from London (403 not yet published by Wikileaks), 429 cables about Libya (5 new: 08TRIPOLI391, 09TRIPOLI1, 09TRIPOLI131, 09TRIPOLI148, 09TRIPOLI775), 60 cables on smuggling of nuclear material, radioactivity and similar (2 new: 08STATE44438 and 09STATE96945), 23 cables about Iran, 22 cables about Somalia, 15 cables about BP, 8 cables about 9/11, 7 cables about China, and 6 cables on UK terrorism.


152 cables from the Lebanese newspaper الأخبار, not published elsewhere. In some cases these give unredacted versions where Wikileaks published redacted cables.

Don't be afraid of the cover page in Arabic. Click on the flags to get English abstracts, on the abstracts to get full cables. All of this was rescued from Google cache: due to a DDOS attack the paper was unable to host this material.

El País

70 cables from the Spanish newspaper El País, not published elsewhere.

20 minutos

The Spanish "20 minutos" got the cables from Aftensposten and started publishing on 2011-02-08. The first few: 08MADRID73, 09MADRID224, 09MADRID1052, 09MADRID1075, 09MADRID1207, 10MADRID78. There is also a small section from 10PARIS151.

El Comercio Perú

Spanish text and 44 original cables: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27. Not yet published by Wikileaks: 06LIMA1534, 06LIMA3571, 06LIMA4516, 06LIMA4621, 08LIMA1348, 08LIMA1733, 09LIMA146.

El Comercio (Ecuador)

Among the cables found here there is one that was not yet published by Wikileaks, due to a mistake.

New York Times

The New York Times published 15 cables not found elsewhere.

(This site has 168 entries today, 6 repeated, 162 different cables. Its cable labeled 99BEIJING999 is really 10BEIJING207 (see above). Of these, 145 are in the Wikileaks torrent. The remaining 17 are 04AMMAN1471, 04AMMAN9085, 04ANKARA2680, 05CAIRO6908, 06RIYADH8234, 07DARESSALAAM1249, 08ASHGABAT1079, 08MANAMA47, 08TUNIS568, 08TUNIS962, 09BRASILIA795, 09CAIRO119, 09CAIRO604, 09DAMASCUS429, 10ANKARA74, 10KATHMANDU163, 10TEGUCIGALPA169.)


18 cables, mostly from The Hague and USNATO, not yet published by Wikileaks. A survey of all (180+) wikileaks cables related to The Netherlands, published by NOS. Also NRC and RTL have pages with links to the cables they published.


258 cables from the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, not published elsewhere. Of these, 37 are about the "peace process" in Sri Lanka.

Svenska Dagbladet


Russian Reporter

117 cables from the Russian newspaper Русский Репортёр on the Russia-Georgia conflict.

There has been some discussion about whether these cables represent the truth. But of course none of the cables represents the Truth - these cables contain what their authors wrote. In the case of the Russia-Georgia conflict the ambassador in Tbilisi originally only had information from the government of Georgia, and only later obtained information from other sources, and the tone changes and the cables refer to the "fog of war". I see no reason to doubt the authenticity.


Counterpunch published 11 cables about Israel's operation Cast Lead in Gaza.


29 cables from the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Der Spiegel

9 Cables published by the German magazine Der Spiegel.

05ALMATY3603, 06MUNICH397, 08BAGHDAD537, 08BAGHDAD1784, 08BERLIN1467, 08BERLIN1705, 08TIRANA411, 09ISLAMABAD2716, 09TRIPOLI748.

The Age

24 Cables from CANBERRA published by the Australian newspaper The Age.


The NZ Herald obtained and published a large number of cables from Wellington. Others made (part of) this information available in more easily accessible form. Here 247 cables from WELLINGTON derived from a 613-page PDF made by Bryce Edwards. At the site of the New Zealand news website Scoop one can find a collection of 117 cables from Wellington (15 of which do not occur elsewhere).

Komsomolskaya Pravda

17 cables on the "soldier" protests in Tallinn. And 06MOSCOW10861, 10MOSCOW304, 10MOSCOW305 on opposition and human rights in Russia.

Steinberg Recherche

Maybe obtained via Der Spiegel, an alleged version of 09BERLIN1504.


Some cables (today 7) are found at naviny.

(Namely 04BRUSSELS4944, 05ISTANBUL38, 05ISTANBUL329, 05MINSK851, 05PRAGUE337, 05PRAGUE356, 05PRAGUE470.)

It is unclear whether these are authentic.


Various people have claimed things "according to Wikileaks cables" without producing any such cables. There was an episode in which Pakistani newspapers were hoaxed.

The cable 10ASTANA267 is fake (it talks about Wikileaks and differs from the corresponding cables.csv one). In fact it looks like a newspaper article. (The correct version was released 2010-12-15 14:20. The bad version replaced it 2011-05-02 23:01.)


Earlier I assumed that 10LJUBLJANA6 was fake, mostly because its reference "LJUBLJANA 385" was not referenced and in the future. However, this cable occurs in cables.csv.

Earlier I read in The Australian (in an article by Abraham Rabinovitch)

A Wikileaks cable in 2006 from the then US ambassador in Cairo, Francis Ricciardone, mentioned a 274-page report by an opposition group outlining corruption accusations against the Mubarak family. The ambassador said the report was evidence of growing public anger that defied the danger of a government backlash.
and wondered which cable that might be, since none of the released cables from Cairo contained the number 274. (It is 06CAIRO7190.)

Reuters refers to a 2007-12-11 cable from the U.S. Shanghai consulate (about an "extraordinarily intrusive" audit of Citibank Shanghai). No such cable was known. (It is 07SHANGHAI784.)